2i2CT is Mount Indie’s proprietary process developed from decades of success recruiting in the DOD/Federal Space. 2i2CT (Intelligence, Identification, Communication, Conversion, Technology), delivers the highest quality candidates while simultaneously providing the best possible candidate experience. 

2i2CT was developed by combining an intimate knowledge of security clearance recruiting, next generation candidate sourcing techniques and state of the art technology that allows for rapid candidate identification and conversion. What this means to you is an increase of cleared candidates with unmatched speed and quality.


We start every project with expert knowledge of the cleared space and the market conditions surrounding candidates with security clearances. 

Our engagement begins with a programmatic kick-off to learn, research and understand requirements, scope of work and potential  influencing factors around successful hiring. 

Once kick off concludes our delivery team has the information required to execute an effective and efficient hiring sprint. 


The sourcing begins. We don’t rely on boards and postings to deliver us top candidates. 

Utilizing our Sourcing Innovation Center, we identify the ideal candidate while  leveraging an OSINT framework to expand the candidate pool and identify the best match for your programs and team. 


Finding candidates is less than half the battle – at Mount Indie we understand how to cut through the noise and get candidates to respond.  This is proven by our industry leading candidate response rate. 

Our approach is strategic, high touch and results in more candidates to your programs enabling  higher selectivity.


Our candidates are thoroughly vetted for technical fit, clearance and soft skills.

Frustrated with getting unqualified candidates, or great candidates without a clearance?

Our 2i2CT process delivers vetted and cleared candidates while taking the burden of coordination off your team. 


Each step of 2i2CT has state of the art technology embedded in the process. 

From AI and Machine Learning enabled sourcing to large scale data mining and predictive analytics. 

We lean on automated processes that allow us to enhance the human touch, not replace it.