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ShadowLabs is the only program dedicated to training recruiters in the security cleared space.

Our Training


Hone your skills and learn how to find candidates in the shadows using traditional and non traditional methods


We boost recruiter efficiency by enhancing outreach effectiveness leading to higher response rates and quicker fills


Our Recruiting module teaches optimizing every candidate interaction, effectively selling your EVP and converting cleared candidates to employees


ShadowLabs is for the whole hiring team, we help enhance interviews, onboarding and overall candidate journey.

About Us

The ShadowLabs training program is designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of recruitment teams within the defense and intelligence communities.

Different from many programs, Shadowlabs is designed & taught by leaders in the field using these techniques to be successful every day.

At ShadowLabs, we prioritize practical, battle-tested strategies over unproven theories, ensuring scalable results that enhance your team’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Client Testimonials

“It was an awesome experience. Our team learned a ton... and are fired up. Can't recommend enough”
Shane Pulver - COO - ASG
“They Provided us with exceptional training ...I would highly recommend them”
Linda Harris - CEO - DEFTECH
“They brought the energy and realness needed to get the team engaged.... and level up our team.”
Virgil Virga - President - Metronome

Why Invest in Recruiter Training

Demand at an All-Time high for cleared Talent

Defense budgets are increasing, and today’s security cleared talent have more options than ever before. The talent pool has the luxury of being very selective in their opportunities, while companies do not. Recruiting in this space is not about tools and technology, but industry leading intelligence and process.

The GOVCON/DEFTECH Space has evolved, recruiting has not

Most commercial recruiting tools are designed with the general job market in mind. They lack the specific features and functionalities required to address the unique complexities of recruiting for positions that require security clearance. This is why training sourcing and recruiting teams is so important. For the money spent on a tool, you can arm your whole team with a process and understanding of the cleared market that will drive revenue on your programs.

Process > Technology

There is no tool, AI, ATS, Chrome Plugin, or software that is going to be your teams silver bullet solution to finding more cleared candidates. The truth is much of the hiring challenges we have in GOVCON are process based. We are experts in cleared recruiting and understanding how to avoid the typical pitfalls teams make leading to extended vacancies and unfilled positions.

You don’t know, what you don’t know

From proposals to execution, GOVCON is a unique space. We have our own culture, market and challenges that don’t exist in any other industry. Recruiting should be a revenue driving function that aligns with company goals and can support proposal, competitive and funded positions.  ShadowLabs training allows leaders in TA and operations to align recruiting with business goals and understand how their team is performing against those goals. 


ShadowLabs is delivered over a 2-3 period, in-person. Our program emphasizes a hands-on approach where participants actively engage with the material through real-world scenarios and practical exercises. This interactive method ensures that participants are not just passive recipients of information but are actively involved in the learning process, enhancing their understanding and skills application.

We have found that onsite participation significantly increases the retention of the curriculum. Being physically present allows learners to immerse themselves fully in the training environment, free from the distractions of their regular work settings. The direct interaction with trainers and peers fosters a deeper understanding and a more memorable learning experience.

Each training is custom curated  however the base curriculum space from intro to GOVCON to Advanced Sourcing and Recruiting. 

ShadowLabs’ training for recruiters is comprehensive, focusing on the government contracting sector. The training aims to develop expert-level recruiters capable of navigating the complex environment of government contracting and successfully sourcing difficult-to-find candidates. Key areas covered include:

  1. Regulatory Understanding: Trainees learn about the various regulations governing government contracting, ensuring they can operate within legal frameworks.

  2. Stakeholder Management and Relationship Building: The training emphasizes the importance of building relationships with key stakeholders in government contracting, from program managers to end users.

  3. Security Clearance Process: Understanding the security clearance process is crucial, as many government contracts require clearance. Recruiters learn how to guide candidates through this sometimes lengthy process.

  4. Advanced Sourcing Techniques: The training dives deep into sourcing strategies, teaching recruiters how to engage with both active and passive candidates effectively, using a variety of tools and techniques, including Boolean search strings, XRAY searches, and Google operators.

  5. Case Studies and Real-World Applications: The use of real-world examples and guest speakers enriches the learning experience, providing practical insights and expertise.

By the end of the training, recruiters are expected to have a solid understanding of government contracting, the clearance process, and effective sourcing strategies, preparing them to excel in the competitive field of government contracting recruitment


Upon signing the agreement, we initiate a comprehensive assessment of the sourcing and recruiting team, along with leadership. This involves evaluating baseline competencies in sourcing, recruiting, and knowledge management, as well as reviewing KPIs and performance metrics. This approach ensures that our training content is appropriately tailored to the team’s current proficiency and needs.

Great question! KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are critical metrics used to evaluate the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts. It’s not uncommon for organizations to rely on outdated KPIs that fail to reflect the unique challenges of operating in a cleared space. At ShadowLabs, we adopt a consultative approach to redefine and implement relevant KPIs that are directly aligned with your business’s overarching objectives. Whether you currently have KPIs in place or are starting from scratch, we can guide you in establishing the right metrics to track and enhance your recruitment strategy.


Funny you should ask! ShadowLabs is currently developing an online training program. We’re excited to announce that it is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2025. Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to bring our expert-led training to a digital platform.

The cost of each training engagement varies based on the number of attendees and the duration of the training. For planning purposes, a typical 2-day training session starts at $15,000 and increases depending on specific requirements and customization. Please contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your organization’s needs.

Absolutely not—ShadowLabs is 100% technology agnostic. While we introduce a variety of free tools, demonstrating their usage and importance, we also provide recommendations for tools that can automate processes and offer in-depth instruction on some of the leading industry resources. Our training is designed to be effective regardless of the specific technologies your company currently employs.


We fully recognize the expertise of your team. Our decades of experience training recruiters, especially in the security-cleared space, have consistently shown that even the best teams can be limited by the systems they use. As the saying goes, “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems,” a sentiment that resonates deeply with government contracting recruitment. At ShadowLabs, we enhance your capabilities by refreshing fundamental skills and advancing new techniques. We transform the recruiting function into an advisory role, empowering your team to become market experts and take a proactive approach throughout the recruiting lifecycle. This shift ensures that no opportunities are missed, effectively maximizing your team’s performance and outcomes.

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